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Game-On is a hand built business owned and operated by Brian Pratt, the business was started doing transactions in agreed upon locales like a simple parking lot using web networking sites as the source of information. Years later the business was born with an identity and a location to offer walk-in customers to be able to make extra cash by selling their old games and anything game related like tapestries and posters, the sales are offered through this website, as well as, Amazon, and eBay, offering the best and most competitive prices. The business thrives upon customer satisfaction and good customer relations which has resulted in return customers and the spread of good word about the experience that they had when visiting the friendly staff that served them.

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Retro Game News

  • Lister LFT-666 preview: ‘The cars from Cambridge are back’ | Martin Love
    The famous racing car brand which dominated the 1950s and 1960s is roaring back on to our roads, thanks to its enthusiastic new ownersLister LFT-666Price £139,950, lister.comEngine 5-litre V80-60mph 3.2 secondsTop speed 208mphFormidably fast and driven by racing’s most famous drivers, the cars developed by Brian Lister in the 1950s... Read more »
  • Silicon Valley's Saudi ties face fresh scrutiny in wake of Khashoggi affair
    SoftBank, the world’s largest tech investment fund, partnered with the Kingdom to pump billions into America’s startups In December 2016, newly elected Donald Trump pulled a beaming Japanese billionaire named Masayoshi Son into a half-hug in front of cameras and reporters gathered in the golden lobby of Trump Tower. “Ladies... Read more »
  • Tony Turvey obituary
    My father, Tony Turvey, who has died aged 76, was a textile technologist and for many years managed mills for the textiles company Courtaulds.In the late 1970s he set up his own business in textile wallcoverings, developing the “woolly wall”, a wallpaper with vertical pieces of twisted fleece stuck to... Read more »

  • RoundUp 134 - Where Is Matthew Smith
    the British IBM - Where Is Matthew Smith... Read more »
  • RoundUp 133 - Touching The Fermenters
    Hardware Flashback - (00:00) Dinosaur Pie - (57:31) Martin Galway: Ocean Loader V2 - (1:56:20) Top Ten One Handed Games - (2:01:06) Gaming Trivia - (3:00:01) Zelda Main Theme - (3:00:43) Live News And Listener Views - (3:05:17) URLs And EMails - (4:54:06) Submit your news items... Read more »
  • RoundUp 132 - Cream PiTop
    Hardware Flashback - (00:00) Dinosaur Pie - (25:22) David Whittaker: Shadow Of The Beast Intro - (1:20:43) Mike Giam Interview - (1:24:10) Top Ten Vacation Games - (3:07:47) Gaming Trivia - (4:45:40) Read Only Memories: Turing's Theme - (4:46:07) Live News And Listener Views - (4:50:40) URLs And EMails... Read more »

  • 230 This is the BBC Micro
    THIS IS THE BBC MICRO   In this episode, Kingy is joined by Vic from Ten Pence Arcade Podcast to go over this loved but less spoken about 8-bit home computer. The lads go over their own personal experiences of the system and go through their chosen list of favourite... Read more »
  • 229 Evolution of Racing Games Part 2
    The Drisk and Kingy return for an epic second part of this series. We enter the 90's, we enter the age of 3D racing. Be sure to listen to our previous episode (part 1) to get the full appreciated of this series.  It's been a long journey, but we @RGDSpodcast... Read more »
  • 228 30 years of the mighty Megadrive
    SEGA Megadrive at 30    Paul, Aaron, Ric and Garron talk about their memories of the SEGA Megadrive as this mighty console turns 30, from their introductions to the console and it’s various add ons to the games they remember the most.    This is the third of our Megadrive... Read more »